A drop in the ocean. In the grand scheme of things, that may be a fair characterization of the work we do. In spite of the staggering economic growth experienced in recent years, India is still home to millions of indigent children. Many of them — according to some estimates, 18 million of them — are forced to live in the streets by the loss of their loved ones, the breakdown of their families, or simply because they no longer could endure the abuses inflicted upon them by parents, relatives and employers. Many more — all too often illiterate, sick, and malnourished — live in neglect in the miserable makeshift homes made of scrap plastic, tarp and mud that litter the landscape of every Indian city. Clearly, the problem is so inveterate and so ubiquitous that appreciable social change lies well beyond the reach of any humanitarian organization. However, for each individual child — the drops in this especially dark, deep ocean — humanitarian assistance is the difference between a life of misery and despair and a fulfilling, self-affirming life lived as a productive member of the local community. Our intervention is designed to snap the self-reinforcing cycle of poverty, ignorance, and disease — one life, one child, one family at a time.

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