Daddy’s Home, Care&Share’s Village for Children, was founded in January 1999 with the acquisition of 27 acres of land in the village of Buddavaram. Daddy’s Home is located behind the Gannavaram airport, approximately 25 kms (15 miles) away from downtown Vijayawada. Construction began in May 1999; the first Home was ready for occupancy in May 2000. Since then, Daddy’s Home has served as a permanent residence for hundreds of street children and disabled kids. At present, 950 children live and study here. They are cared for by over 100 of our dedicated staff.

Attending to the most fundamental needs of children constitutes an important part of our work at Daddy’s Home. Individual sponsorships, in fact, cover just that: housing, food, clothing, and education. Over the years, we have built 4 homes for girls and 4 homes for boys, a home for the handicapped, a large cafeteria, a kindergarten, an infirmary, a barber shop, and a school (grades 1-10) that educates 850 kids - many of them from the surrounding villages.

But Care&Share does much more than feed, treat, and educate children. At Daddy’s Home, we allow them to be kids again and to live in a clean, caring environment where we as much as possible provide them with the attention and love typical of a family. They have enough space to run around, the facilities to play — a soccer field, a basketball court, a gym, and cricket grounds — and the chance to express their many talents through extra-curricular activities such as modern and traditional dance. Here, giving children happiness, security, and a sense of belonging represents as much of a priority as their academic and professional development.

Extra Help for Sponsored Kids
It is possible to donate extra gifts to the children you sponsor. For example you can donate a bicycle for the amount of USD 84. The child will select locally the right size and favorite color. You can also decide to open a local Bank Savings Account in the name of the child. The first amount to open the account is of 90 USD. The subsequent payments for the bank account can be of any amount over 40 USD. You will receive a copy of the bank booklet and it will be kept in a safe in the Care & Share India office. Once the child becomes of age and/or finishes his/her education the account will be given to him/her. You can also donate clothes to your child either buy sending a package or by donating a minimum of USD 60 for shopping for a full pair of clothes (the child will select what he/she needs and favorite colors and correct sizes).

What Has Already Been Done

Homes for Girls:
We have built 4 homes to house approximately 300 girls.
Rena Home: Completed by early 2000.
Margaret Home: Inaugurated in Sept. 2000.
Annie Home: Completed in Jan. 2002.
Luisiana Home: The last home was finished in April 2004.

Homes for Boys:
We have built 4 homes to house approximately 300.
Lake House: Purchased in 2001, it houses 65 of the older boys.
Galliano Home: Completed in June 2001.
Radiant Home: Inaugurated in Aug. 2001.
Nonni Biagiotti Home: Completed in July 2002.
Franco Home: The last home was finished in October 2002.

Angel Home: Construction started in August 1999, but due to the lack of funding the home wasn’t completed until 2001. Today, the home houses differently abled children and HIV positive children.

Cafeteria: It was completed in 2004. It provides a place where children eat their meals and snacks, prepared in a large, well-equipped kitchen.

Sunray School: We began building the school in June 2000. Due to the high costs, construction is still ongoing. Today, the school - enriched by a science and computer lab - is almost completed. Over 800 children attend grades 1 through 10 there; moreover, we have recently opened our kindergarten.

Asha Kiran: The two-storey structure serves as infirmary and dispensary.

Playgrounds: We have several playgrounds at Daddy’s Home. We have also created a soccer field, volleyball and basketball courts, and a skating rink by raising and leveling the grounds.

Chicken Farm and Cattle Sheds: In July of 2000, we built a shed and bought 400 hatchlings. The chicken provide fresh eggs and meat on a daily basis. We also have buffaloes, pigs, sheep, goats, and a fish pond on the premises to provide the children with fresh meat and milk.

Printing, Bag Making, Book Binding, and Tailoring Units: We have the facilities and equipment that allow us to produce the textbooks and notebooks used in our school as well in other schools in the area. In our tailoring and bag-making units, our staff designs and manufactures school uniforms and book bags.

Shoemaking Lab: Our shoemakers manufacture sandals for each of the 600 kids living in Daddy’s Home.

... And What Still Needs to be Done


Renovation of Children's Homes: $5000
The children’s homes, which were completed years ago, periodically require renovation and re-furnishing.


Books/notebooks: $25×child×year
The book binding unit in Daddy’s Home produces books and notebooks for the whole village at a low cost. The unit, however, needs to be continuously stocked with large quantities of paper.

Teachers’ salaries: $125×36×month
Our school - which educates over 800 kids residing in Daddy’s Home and in the surrounding villages - also employs 36 teachers. Teachers earn a monthly salary of $125.

Skating Rink: $5000
Having provided for the children’s basic needs, our attention has now turned to improving their quality of life. Sports are an integral part of such endeavor. We are planning to build a fairly large skating rink.


Cows: $600
Water buffaloes: $600
Sheep: $110
Hens: $2500 for 1000
Chicken shed: $12,000

We have established a small farm with cows, turkeys, water buffaloes, pigs, sheep, and hens to reduce the funds expended on meat and milk. The rising number of children under our care at Daddy’s Home, however, has forced us to purchase a greater number of animals to satisfy their nutritional needs. We also need to build a new structure for the turkeys, ducks, rabbits, and guinea fowls we have recently acquired.


Clothes: $900 for 60 sets
Each dormitory in Daddy’s Home houses 60 children. With only $15, you can buy a child a new set of clothes

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